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a room of her own

A Room of Her Own: Murphy987's Creative Journal
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Banners, Icons, Wallpaper, Fanvids

Virginia Woolf said that in order to write fiction a woman needs "money and a room of her own." This is mine.

I don't often write fiction, but I do make icons, wallpapers, banners, and other assorted graphics. In my real life I'm simply a Canadian political scientist who in her off hours likes to giggle and fangirl over the things I love.

Most of the graphics here have, and will continue to focus on Battlestar Galacitca and it's two lead actors: Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos, but I've begun branching out more.

My current/primary fandoms include: Battlestar Galactica, The Big Bang Theory, The Thick of It, The X-Files, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Glee, Damages, Doctor Who, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, Florence + the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, but I'm always picking up new shows, movies, and music.

If you like what you see, feel free to friend the community!
*a sample of my recent work can be found to the left

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Have been made with both Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, but I use Premiere exclusively now (WMM and I had a nasty break up).